Admission System for the Electrical Engineering Program

Candidate applications for the Master or Doctorate are held three times a year. The Admission Process takes place immediately after each enrollment period, according to the Schedule that is presented in the Appendix to Notice ("Edital") No. 577/2019.

At the end of each Admission Process, the results and the date for registration are announced.

* To access the electronic registration form create an account for login with username and password - After creating the account on the left side of the screen will appear the Registration icon

Online Admission Sytem required documents:

For both M.Sc. and D.Sc. candidates:
‐ CV Lattes in PDF format []
‐ Photo 3 cm x 4 cm
‐ Undergraduate Diploma (or minutes of the Final Undergraduate Project defense, or official document stating the expected date of conclusion of the undergraduate course)
‐ Undergraduate Academic Record
‐ Letter of motivation
‐ Academic References

- Certificate of Proficiency in English, as detailed in the Appendix to Notice ("Edital") No. 295/2016.

For information about the registration, please click here: results