The Group of Teleinformatics and Automation (GTA) started its activities in March 1986. GTA plays an important role in both Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering (DEL) of the Polytechnic School (POLI) of UFRJ, for under graduation , and in the Electrical Engineering Program (PEE) of the Coordination of Graduate Programs in Engineering (COPPE) of UFRJ.
 GTA has carried out several works in computer networks along with different research teams in Brazil and abroad.
In addition, GTA maintains international cooperations with universities and institutions in France (Paris VI, INRIA Lile and La Rochelle) and keeps strong relations with professors from Germany (University of Berlin), Italy (Naples), England (Lancaster), and the US (Columbia, Irvine, Stanford, Berkeley, North Carolina, San Diego and Amherst).
GTA also provides training and services in the area of ​​communication systems. The training target comprises professionals in the areas of computers and telecommunications, such as project managers, designers, system analysts, engineers and end users. The goal is to present the most recent technologies. Moreover, GTA uses its vast experience in the field of computer networks to provide consulting on design, implementation, management and maintenance aspects in telecommunication systems.





+55 21 3938-8635



Av Athos da Silveira Ramos, 149
Cidade Universitária da UFRJ llha do Fundão
Centro de Tecnologia Bloco H Sala 301
CEP 21.941-914 - Rio de Janeiro – RJ



Rodrigo de Souza Couto | E-mail: rodrigo [AT] gta [DOT] ufrj [DOT] br



  • Luís Henrique Maciel Kosmalski Costa
  • Miguel Elias Mitre Campista
  • Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte
  • Pedro Braconnot Velloso
  • Rodrigo de Souza Couto


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